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Latest reel footage from The Dropout from 20th Television, now streaming on Hulu

Reel footage from the award winning short film, "The October Problem"

Reel footage (finally, lol) from the short film I produced last year. Pandemic time moves faster than real time.

Stunty audtion clip that was a lot of fun to make...

Lock Your Heart, Elder P. is now on YouTube.

Here is a clip from a videotaped performance at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival. The full show can be viewed here.

Lead researcher in "The Countries We Love"

Lead researcher in "The Countries We Love"

A short film by Priscila Zortea about the many obstacles faced by women and immigrants in professional life. In this scene, I'm one of them (obstacles that is).

Robert and Shan do "Margin Call"

Shan and I providing the performance for this scene, written by J.C. Chandor. @thankswhit at the helm for everything else.

Robert's film reel (sort of)

This is a rough cut of a spoof reel my daughter Whitney and I created. Enjoy!

Latest clip

Saving my life...

From Rogue Thomas' "The Aftermath"

I get shot!

From Tian Boothe's "Never Look Back"

Starter reel (7-2-17)

Featuring Tom Skerritt's ""Stroller Gangs" and new footage from an Art Institute of Seattle senior thesis project by Bobby McFadden

Film Reel

This is my first film reel. The opening scene is from a fun web series that I was graciously invited to by my marvelous Seattle-based acting coach, Angela DiMarco from the Mighty Tripod Productions studio. The series was directed by Tom Skerritt, who was wonderful to work with and a gracious and patient teacher.

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