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A bald, blue-eyed white man wearing black framed glasses and a dark blue button-down shirt and a silver necklace.

All photographs by Peter Konerko


3-4-22: The Dropout is now streaming on Hulu! Achievement unlocked for my first credited co-star role from a major studio. Special thanks to Michael, Jill, Amanda, Pam, Nani, Vanessa, and Roz for making my first day on a major production so much less terrifying. And of course a big thank you and shout out to Nicky Endres for making me feel so welcome and absolutely killing it in front of the camera.

Click on the image to see a clip...
8-7-21: I've booked my first co-star role for a big studio this month! Look for me on Hulu's original TV series, The Dropout. Watch this space for information on when and where to watch. Thanks again to Jeanie Bacharach who brought me in for this role!
8-7-21: Huge deal here. After 5 years in LA (45 years if you count my childhood attempts) I am now a member of SAG-AFTRA. Thanks so much to all the people who have supported me and sent work my way. I so appreciate the assistance and trust. Big shout out to Jeanie Bacharach who got me the qualifying work!
2-28-21: Two big announcements!
The October Problem has been selected for the North Europe International Film Festival - London edition. Screening dates are 5-10 April online. Festival details and tickets are available here!
I've also been nominated at this festival for Best Actor in a Short Film. What?!?!
top poster(lasf).jpg
1-31-21: New reel footage now released from The October Problem
1-31-21: Fun stunty audition clip
12-18-20: The October Problem WINS Silver Award for Best Short Film at the LA Sci-Fi and Horror Film Fesitval!
12-3-20: The October Problem selected for the LA Sci-Fi and Horror Film Festival!
top poster(lasf).jpg
12-1-20: Official trailer released for The October Problem!

Death gets me every time...

June 25, 2020

'The Just", written and directed by Boris Schaarschmidt, has been released on Vimeo.  Check it out here!

It's as creepy as it looks.

January 10, 2020

I closed out the year with this striking B&W project at the New York Film Academy. Directed by Boris Schaarschmidt, "The Just" is a tribute to German expressionism shot entirely on 16MM black and white film. This was super fun shoot, not only for challenges as an actor, of re-interpreting an older acting style, but also for experiencing how using film changes the dynamics on set. Sure, the film might have run out once in the middle of a particularly good take, but that's all part of the experience, right? Can't wait to see it!

You'll love The Countries We Love

January 10, 2020

Here's a sneak peak of my role as the lead researcher in The Countries We Love, a short film by Priscila Zortea. The film is doing the festival circuit right now, but here's a glimpse. Hope you like it.

My Declassified episode airs Nov 3 on CNN!

October 23, 2019

The Declassified episode I shot last year for CNN is finally being aired! Looks like the episode order and titles have changed a bit, but I'm pretty sure I've spotted the right one. Look for me portraying FBI agent Marc Reeser in Buried Secrets, Unbreakable Codes (S3E6), on Sunday, Nov. 3 at 11 pm on CNN, or streaming via CNN Go

A second chance to see Lock Your Heart, Elder P.

August 14, 2019

If you missed my 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival Production of Lock Your Heart, Elder P. you now get a second chance to see it for free. We filmed it and it is now available on YouTube. Massive thanks going out to my partners in crime Amanda Bird (director) and Cam Caddell (producer, media master, and final arbiter). Special thanks to Matthew Quinn and Pam Noles from Theatre Asylum and Studio C. Check it out!

Where We Go From Here is going to Outfest 2019

July 13, 2019

Binghamton was a short film directed by Anthony Meindl where I appeared as a background character and was upgraded to a speaking role as the roulette table dealer. It has been threaded with three other powerful short stories into a feature film called Where We Go From Here, and will be premiering at this year's Outfest at the TCL Chinese Theater on July 20th at 11am. Tickets are available here, so if you are in the LA area that weekend, come on out and support this important commentary on love, relationships, and the catastrophic consequences of gun violence. See you all out there. :-)

It's all about the looks!

April 30, 2019

The headshot looks anyway and it was time for a new one. This time it was all about marketing to shows like Westworld, Deadwood, Godless, etc. There's at least one nod to a famous western movie here. Did you spot it? Check out my IG feed for more! Peter Konerko working his usual magic here.

I'm making a show!

April 11, 2019

What if your “person” comes along right when you’ve been forbidden to find one? That's the premise of my true-story solo show which premieres at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June. We will have 5 performances at Studio C. Tickets go on sale May 1.

Elder P. happily accepted the call to serve a Mormon mission in Sweden. He started out with the best of intentions: to serve the Lord faithfully, chastely, and exclusively for two years. He promised to lay aside all personal relationships for that entire time, subjecting himself instead to the constant scrutiny of a 24/7 working missionary companion. Then she showed up…

Whisper Me Home: My producing/directing/composing debut is now live!

March 20, 2019

The Irish "phantom queen" is the inspiration for this heart-breaking contemporary short film about death, hope, and family. This is my first crack at directing, courtesy of the St. Patrick's Day mini film fest at Noisy Nest. It gave me the chance to try my hand at being a producer and a composer, too. Super happy with how it turned out and beyond grateful for Whitney's amazing camera work and the phenomenal acting by Harley, Brooke, and Lysa. Check it out on YouTube.

Shan and Robert deliver on "Margin Call" scene. Check it out!

February 03, 2019

Shan and I did this scene in a casting director workshop. The CD really liked it and said we should film it. So we did. Super much thanks to @thankswhit for being our director/DP/editor/colorist/sound designer. We think it turned out great and we learned a lot in the process. Take a look! And check out Whitney's work at

Yay! Anthem of a Teenage Prophet has a distribution deal and a theatrical release!

December 21, 2018

This was my first film gig after returning to LA (thanks @paulwebercd😊). I was cast for a short scene added during pick-ups. Not sure if it’s in the final cut but they took great care of me and I would love to see this film get some love in Jan. Please go see it! 😊✌️#actorslife‬ @anthemthemovie

Update 2/3/19: Well, my scenes did not make it to the final cut, but it was still a great experience and you should still go see it. :-)

My first (hopefully) feature film appearance premieres in October!

September 10, 2018

Anthem of a Teenage Prophet will have its world premiere as the spotlight film at The Vancouver International Film Festival on October 6! I was cast as Mr. Kite in pickup shots in LA earlier this year for a brief appearance of this important character. Fingers crossed it made it out of the editing room. :-)  #AnthemMovie #viff2018

L.A. Secret #234: Help your friends make stuff

September 10, 2018

Working on a friend's project is a great way to get essential time on set (you gotta practice this stuff like everything else) and to give the universe a reason to send good things your way. Priscila ran an absolutely pro production and it was a pleasure to help her bring this story, about three Brazilian women fighting for recognition in three very different worlds, to life. The premiere is coming soon and I'll have more to share then.

New series released where I save the world (but mostly not)...

July 14, 2018

Divine Shadow is a very well-produced web series I worked on when I was living in Seattle. Excellent fight sequences! (None of which include me, lol). Here is a clip I'm in and you can check out the first season here!

Me, a guy, and the F.B.I.

April 29, 2018

Just finished shooting a really fun gig for CNN. No pictures I can share yet, but I will appear in episode 2 of the upcoming new season of Declassified: Untold Stories of American Spies. It should air in the early summer and I'll be sure to post when I know when. In the meantime, you can catch up on old episodes here.

I get shot!!

February 22, 2018

Just realized I hadn't posted anything from Tian Boothe's "Never Look Back". Behold! My first real stunt! And some bad guy ADR. Clip linked below. Enjoy!

My first film lead: George Pruitt's The Aftermath

January 10, 2018

Super excited to post a clip from my lead role in George Pruitt's "The Aftermath", an LA Film School grad student project. It echoes the many true stories of devastation and hope for veterans who lose everything during their service (or at least it can feel that way). The story is one of hope, change, and reconciliation and an invitation to reach out and help vets in need. As a former Navy medical officer I was never truly in harm's way, but I saw the brutal effects of service in wartime throughout my career. I'm excited and proud to be able to help tell one of these stories. Clip is linked below and I'll let you know when and where you can see the whole film when it's released.

Here's me getting my cop on for People Magazine Investigates!

December 02, 2017

A quick screen grab from my episode of People Magazine Investigates (S2E2), now available either on the Investigation Discovery website, or via YouTube Red. If you don't have those, see just the clip of my appearance below.

So much new material! I can't wait to share.

November 10, 2017

So after a quiet September, October and November blew up with some amazing projects. I get to kick of the Christmas office party, get blown away by a woman trying to save her sister from traffickers, and harass an up and coming professional all through her presentation. I'm also starring in my first lead role in a short subject film that I am super excited about. In fact, I can't tell more cause I'm heading to set right now. Will share details soon. Stay tuned!

What Happened To Baby DeOrr airs this Monday!

November 10, 2017

Just spotted that my episode of People Magazine Investigates will air this Monday on Investigation Discovery at 10/9C. I am the relentless polygraph examiner pinning the creeps down for some justice! Check it out.

People Magazine Investigates! S2E2

August 22, 2017

Seriously fun day on set. Got to be a cop for a day, administering some polygraph justice to (alleged) lowlife criminals. Super cool police set and a first-rate production crew that made things so easy. I'll update the site as soon as I hear when my episode airs!

NANO "Hold On" music video is up!

July 28, 2017

Loved working on this great project sung by Swedish artist NANO and produced by Prince Michael Jackson and King's Son Productions. Marvelous inspirational music and first-rate film production. Check it out! My brief appearance is at 4:40 or so. Loved working with this team. If you get a chance to work with them, take it.

Student showcase interview at Molly's Music

July 26, 2017

The wonderful team over at Molly's Music just published a very kind interview with me. Check it out! :-)

It could happen, right?

July 26, 2017

Spotted there was a Shazam! movie in the making, headed up by Swedish director David Sandberg (@ponysmasher). You're all thinking what I'm thinking, right? Right?

Filmed a scene for "Anthem (2018)

June 17, 2017

I had a wonderful day today filming a pick-up role for the feature film "Anthem", set for release in 2018. The film stars Cameron Monaghan, Juliette Lewsi, and Peyton List. Canadian actor Grayson Gabriel was my scene partner, and so much fun to work with. Much thanks to director Robin Hays  and casting director Paul Weber for bringing me on. Had a great day! :-)

House wins!

June 02, 2017

Filming one of Tony Meindl's projects this week. "Binghamton" is a powerful social commentary on gun violence and I got to hang around for a couple background roles. It's AMAW, right? So I knew it would be a great experience supporting and was not disappointed.

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